On Sunday, 14th October, our U14 Regional Squad travelled to Paignton to take part in the Netball Southwest Seeding Tournament. 16 teams from across the SW region were split in to three groups to determine who would be playing in Division 1 and Division 2 for the 2018/19 season. Our girls, with two key members missing from the squad, knew they faced four tough matches in their group, but were quietly determined to gain their place in Division 1. The group results were –

WNC vs Team Jets 19 – 10

WNC vs Lovell Titan Warriors 20 – 15

WNC vs Saints Rockets 18 – 8

WNC vs Titans 14 – 9

These results meant our girls topped their group and automatically gained a place in Division 1.  A great performance from the whole team – well done, girls!

A write up about the Dorset County Playoffs and the SW Seeding Tournament can be found on the Netball SW website or by clicking the link below.